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Literacy Planner

Cover of the Literacy Planner, featuring a young device userIntroducing the 2020 AAC Literacy Planner. This resource is designed to help you plan reading instruction for young, emergent AAC communicators using popular children’s books. Inside you will find resources and tools to support you as you work with your students.

For each book, you will find targeted words to teach, and an example of how to introduce the book and words to your students, along with activities to provide lots of practice. There is even a blank template so you can create your own lessons with your favorite books!

If you would like a printed version of the Planner, contact your regional consultant.

  Download the Literacy Planner

Implementation Activities






snowflake with snow

  LAMP Words for Life Core Words Birds Dice
  LAMP Words for Life 84 Full Birds Dice
  Unity 84 Sequenced Core Words Birds Dice
  Unity 84 Sequenced Birds Dice

heart shaped candies

  LAMP WFL 84 Full Be Kind Dice
  LAMP WFL Be Kind Core Word Activity
  Unity 84 Squenced Be Kind Dice
  Unity 84 Sequenced Be Kind Core Word Activity

cluster of shamrocks

  LAMP WFL Weather Dice
  LAMP WFL Weather Activity
  Unity 84 Weather Dice
  Unity 84 Weather Activity

umbrellas open to the sky

  LAMP WFL 84 Full Core Word Activity of the Month
  LAMP WFL 84 Puzzle Cards page 1
  LAMP WFL 84 Puzzle Cards page 2
  Unity 84 Sequenced Core Word Activity Week
  Unity 84 Sequenced Puzzle Cards page 1
  Unity 84 Sequenced Puzzle Cards page 2






  Pumpkin WFL Dice
  Pumpkin Unity Dice
  Unity Pumpkin Activity
  WFL Pumpkin Activity


  WFL Cooking Activity
  WFL Cooking Dice
  Unity Cooking Activity
  Unity Cooking Dice


  LAMP WFL 84 Gift Activity
  LAMP WFL Full Puzzle Cards
  Unity 84 Sequenced Gift Activity
  Unity 84 Sequenced Puzzle Cards
  Unity 84 Sequenced Puzzle Cards 2


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