About the LAMP Words for Life® Language System

The LAMP Words for Life language system is a full language program that combines the power of PRC’s Unity language system with Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) principles and strategies. It's available on the full line of Accent® devices, PRiO products and as a standalone app for the iPad.

The LAMP Words for Life program is appropriate for a wide range of individuals, from those just beginning to communicate to those with advanced language skills. Throughout the language learning process, the motor patterns used to say words remain consistent to allow for the development of quick and easy communication.

LAMP Words for Life – Spanish/English

Together with PRC's Spanish language system, UNIDAD®, LAMP Words for Life – Spanish/English is also available for your Accent device.

These can be purchased as a stand-alone device configuration or as an add-on to PRC's Unity Language System for an additional cost.

NEW: LAMP Words for Life - Spanish/English is now available as part of the LAMP Words for Life app that comes standard on PRC’s tablet-based PRiO device, and is also available for download in the Apple iTunes Store.


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LAMP Words for Life Language System Overview


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