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CoreScanner Language System

CoreScanner Language System

The CoreScanner language system from PRC is one that directly addresses the unique needs of children who use switches to communicate and access language.

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About the CoreScanner Language System

CoreScanner offers a road map that starts out at a single word and gradually adds language without ever changing the motor plan. Extensively tested, the CoreScanner system is suitable for individuals across a wide range of abilities and levels. Users can begin with just one word, building their vocabulary up to thousands of words as their vocabulary needs change.

Seven levels offering a progressive series of smaller steps allow the program to grow with the user:

  1. Just More – 1 word "more"
  2. Cornerstones – 8 early words for communication accessed via a linear scan
  3. PrePathway – 23 frequently used words accessed via a block linear scan
  4. Pathway – two additional words, 25 total, and an introduction of word families and customized vocabulary
  5. PreJam – very similar to Pathway; however, with 108 words
  6. JAM! – grows to 200 words
  7. Blast –thousands of words with grammatical endings, all parts of speech and phrase handling

In addition, CoreScanner includes:

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