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AAC For Children

AAC For Children

All children have the right, and the need, to verbally express what they want, and how they feel. However, this isn't always as easy as it sounds. Many children have medical conditions that impact their ability to speak and learn language. Some children may not be able to speak clearly enough for everyone to understand them, while others may not be able to speak at all.

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How does AAC Work for Children?

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When a child's natural progression or pace of language development is impeded by medical conditions that affects his or her ability to speak or learn language, AAC strategies and tools, such as speech-generating devices, can provide valuable support.

These speech-generating devices give children the ability – and the freedom – to express themselves. As they learn to use the device, they not only communicate but participate in life.

Learning to use an AAC device may seem daunting, but with regular use, practice and enthusiasm/modeling from adults around them, children quickly become adept at expressing themselves with the help of the device.

Meet Schuyler, a PRC user who’s grown up with our devices and today uses the LAMP Words for Life® app.

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Download one of our parent guides, available in both English and Spanish, for additional information.

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