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Vocabulary Builder: The Basics (software version 2.07 or earlier)

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Running Time: 30 Minutes

Course Requirements

Windows: Internet Explorer 7 or later, Google Chrome, Firefox 1.5 or later, Safari 3 or later.

Macintosh: Firefox 1.5 or later, Safari 3 or later.

If using an iPad, the course is best viewed in Safari, however, you may experience delays or disruptions in audio and video playback.

Note: The self-study classes are best viewed with Adobe Flash Player 6.0.79 or later and one of these web browsers.

Vocabulary Builder is a powerful language learning tool in Unity® 45, 60, 84 and 144 sequenced on PRC’s Accent® products, Eco2 and Vantage Lite. This 30 minute self-study course discusses the purpose of Vocabulary Builder and teaches three ways to use this tool.

Use a PRC device with Unity 45, 60, 84 and 144 sequenced to practice during this self-study. If you don't have a device, download the free PASS software at and use it for practice.

Back up the vocabulary on the device before taking this course. Instructions for memory back up are available in course resources (Accent, Eco or Vantage Lite cheat sheets).

Printable reference materials are attached to the course. You may take this course from start to finish, stop and come back to finish, or take only parts of this course for review. You may view this course as many times as you would like.

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