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AAC Solutions from PRC

The Accent™ family of products offer advanced functionality and user-friendly features, making communicating fast and easy. Powered by NuVoice software, Accent devices provide access to built-in support resources including a Context-Sensitive Help function and language development resources in the PRC AAC Language Lab. Featuring the
Accent 1400, Accent 1000 , Accent 800 , Accent 800-D , and the NuEye Tracking System, this series of AAC solutions is ideal for users of all ages.

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Accent 1400

Featuring a large 14” touch-screen display and multiple access options, the Accent 1400 is the perfect choice for individuals with complex access needs or those who want larger icons. The Accent 1400 offers a choice of vocabulary options featuring Unity® with LAMP Words for Life™, CoreScanner™ and WordCore. Other available vocabulary options include Essence™ for literate adults and WordPower™.

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Accent 1000

Lightweight and portable, the Accent 1000 features a 10.1″ touch screen display manufactured with chemically hardened glass. This dedicated device offers synthesized voices, multiple access options, direct selection and 1- and 2-switch scanning. The Accent 1000 offers multiple access options including direct select, switch scanning and head pointing.

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Accent 800

The smallest and most portable PRC Unity® device, Accent 800 is lightweight and features a smooth, high-definition 8” touch-screen display. This integrated device features multiple access options and direct selection with battery life of 7-9 hrs. (based on usage and power settings)

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Accent 800-D

Small and portable, the Accent 800-D is a dedicated device featuring a smooth high-definition 8” touch-screen display, synthesized voices, and multiple selection. Preloaded with Unity®, the Accent 800 conforms to Medicare and Medicaid guidelines and qualifies for funding under E2510.

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NuEye Tracking System

The NuEye Tracking System is the most advanced eye gaze system that is available for the Accent 1400, and Accent 1200, providing the user with full visual control of their device. Precise, lightweight, and compact, NuEye requires no head-mounted equipment.

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