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Drawing on our experience with thousands of clients, PRC provides practical and clinically sound product training and AAC implementation classes. Learn how to configure the hardware and program the software as well as support and teach individuals who use AAC. Classes are taught in a variety of ways to meet your needs: live online, on demand, and/or in person. Material is developed and taught by speech-language pathologists, special educators, and occupational therapists with expertise in the field. We are committed to helping you, a client, or loved one find success with our communication solutions. Get started today!

Master the Technology: Product Training

Take product training classes to learn how words and sentences are organized in Unity®, LAMP Words for Life™, CoreScanner™, Unidad Español, WordPower™ or Essence™. Learn how to operate and customize your PRC communication device or app.

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Making AAC Work: Implementation Classes

Register for AAC implementation classes that focus on teaching individuals how to better use and integrate their communication devices in school or at home. Take classes such as Getting Beyond Basic Requesting and 10 Tips to Help Grow Language. Earn ASHA CEUs while learning about the real-world practice of AAC.

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Register and attend live online classes taught by instructors specializing in AAC. Participate, follow along, and ask questions about the material via chat or live voice.

Live Online

Take interactive self-study classes or view recorded webinars at a time convenient for you.

On Demand

Sign up for in person regional trainings taught by PRC consultants and other professionals in the field.

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