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PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

We employ experienced:

  • Speech language pathologists (SLP)
  • Special educators
  • Occupational therapists
  • Other rehabilitation professionals

These professionals, with a wealth of AAC expertise in clinical and educational settings, provide clinical support and training to our customers, their families and their support teams not just before, but during – and after – the device is delivered.


PRC Consultants offer valuable assistance in selecting the most appropriate AAC device and accessories.

  • Determining if a PRC device is appropriate for your client/family member
  • Onsite product demonstrations


They work with you in the acquisition of equipment, throughout the funding process.

  • Support in your interaction with the PRC funding department: answering questions, obtaining necessary documentation


PRC consultants can also assist with effective implementation strategies for client success.

  • Device customization and programming
  • Training in Unity® and other vocabulary programs available in PRC products
  • Strategies for teachers, SLP's, family members and other support staff

PRC Consultants share your mission of helping individuals achieve their maximum communication potential, whatever their physical or cognitive challenges.

How Your PRC Consultant Can Help You

The PRC mission is to provide products and support which will help individuals reach their highest level of personal achievement.

An important element of our mission is education about our products and other issues that need to be considered to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of a communication device.

Your PRC Consultant understands the critical role of language development in AAC and is dedicated to educating and supporting clients to achieve spontaneous and independent communication.


Communication is the essence of human life. Personal, educational, and vocational potential is contingent upon the ability to communicate. Each person needing a communication system should be provided with the equipment, services and information that will yield the highest possible level of personal achievement, without regard to specific manufacturer or service provider.


The PRC Consultant offers education and support to individuals considering PRC products for purchase. Education and support can include: serving as a resource during the evaluation process to assist professionals in the determination of appropriate augmentative communication equipment; facilitating the flow of information in the funding process; trainings on device programming and implementation strategies; university presentations; and other educational opportunities related to the field of augmentative and alternative communication.


The PRC Consultant places the interests of people who rely on augmentative and alternative communication first, and shall encourage and assist others to do the same. The PRC Consultant strives, through diverse means of education, to maintain a high level of expertise in the various aspects of the field of augmentative communication.

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