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PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

Funding for AAC Devices

PRC took the industry lead in 1987 to create a first of its kind funding department staffed with experienced professionals to help people with disabilities acquire the products and services that would help meet their needs to communicate. Staffed by dedicated, full-time professionals, our funding staff is knowledgeable and always current on state requirements for Medicaid and Medicare. In addition, we can submit your request for purchase of PRC equipment for private insurance.

It’s time for end-of-year packet processing! Commercial insurance only orders must be COMPLETE and received by PRC-Saltillo on or before November 5, 2021 to allow for submission to the insurance company. Please note: this deadline does not guarantee processing and shipment of the AAC device before December 31.

AAC Funding Toolkit

Use our Funding Toolkit to create a Funding Request for PRC and Saltillo clients: Complete and save forms online, write an AAC Evaluation and receive updates on the status of the submission.
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Prefer to submit your documents manually?

Attend a Training

Learn about funding sources, the components of the funding process and more in this ten-minute on-demand class for SLPs.

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Please use an encrypted email service to send documents with PHI. Regular email does not meet HIPAA requirements for protecting PHI.


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