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In 2019, National Rehabilitation Week will be observed September 16-22.

The National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation (NRAF) recognizes the third full week of September as National Rehabilitation Week (Rehab Week), to educate people about the benefits of rehabilitation and the capabilities of people with disabilities.

Nearly fifty million Americans have a disability, and the NRAF is dedicated to helping them live up to their fullest potential.

But they don’t do it alone. Rehabilitation often centers on an interdisciplinary team approach to care by physiatrists (physicians specializing in rehabilitation); physical, occupational, respiratory and recreational therapists; speech and language pathologists; rehabilitation nurses, psychologists, vocational counselors and other professionals.

They work with patients to restore the greatest level of function or independence, to help individuals overcome obstacles and accomplish the normal tasks of daily living.

Rehab facts*:


Thank you to all our rehabilitation professionals for everything you do!

* Facts from Association of Rehabilitation Nurses website

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