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PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

Now Available: PRC's Updated Accent 1400

Posted Apr 1, 2020 - 4:15pm

It’s here!

PRC is proud to introduce the latest version of our Accent® 1400 speech-generating device.

The new version of the Accent 1400 was designed with eye tracking in mind, with our Look module redesigned to incorporate seamlessly into the device.

New Accent 1400 with Look Eye Tracking Module

The new Accent 1400 is:

  • Modular: Fully integrated with our newest Look eye tracker for a sleek, all-in-one unit
  • Splash-resistant: Built with a moisture seal and port covers to repel moisture
  • Quiet: Completely fanless so the only thing that can be heard is your voice
  • Colorful: Now available with a wider selection of frames to personalize your device
  • Bright: A big, high-resolution display that can be seen in all conditions
  • Long-lasting: Industry-leading battery life for all-day use

The Look for Accent 1400 has also been upgraded with the latest eye tracking technology for faster gaze recovery, better accuracy, and more.

The Accent 1400 also offers multiple access modes to support a wide array of switches, joysticks and other tools, and accommodates the PRC NuPoint® Head Tracking system.

Configure Your Accent 1400

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