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New From PRC-Saltillo: Message Banking

Posted Nov 9, 2020 - 12:20pm

Message Banking from PRC-Saltillo is for literate adults who, due to a degenerative neurological disease such as ALS, are transitioning to augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to communicate and actively engage in life.

Message banking has traditionally been a common way to save and use important pieces of communication, as needed.

What is Message Banking?

Message banking involves the recording of messages using natural speech that are saved, or “banked,” for use when the individual may not be able to speak using his voice.

Message banking allows you to record, preserve and use any words or phrases you want on your speech-generating device. By preserving messages using natural speech, individuals retain their personality.

Quick Access to Complex Communication

For many, the ability to save messages or frequently used words, phrases or sentences is essential. Message banking allows for complex communications via speech-generating devices, with communicators banking anywhere from a handful to hundreds – even thousands – of unique messages.

Bank your favorite catch phrase, your favorite nicknames…you’re limited only by your imagination!

Have a lot of messages and worried you can’t find the right one, right away? PRC-Saltillo’s Message Banking creates pages based on your message tags, so you don’t have to. Searching – and finding – just the right message, when you need it, is fast and easy.

Seamless Integration

With message banking, messages are prerecorded and stored for later usage. Have messages, phrases, sentences or more you’ve created on another message banking program? No problem. Because PRC-Saltillo’s Message Banking is not proprietary, it integrates seamlessly with other message banking services.

PRC-Saltillo’s Message Banking is also compatible with PRC’s Essence vocabulary on its Accent devices, as well as the new Dialogue AAC app.

Using PRC-Saltillo Message Banking

The best part? Message Banking is FREE!

PRC-Saltillo Message Banking is mobile friendly, and can be accessed via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Log in with your PRC-Saltillo account to quickly and easily access message banking.

So what are you waiting for? Log in and get started!


View our how-to videos on importing, storing and using PRC-Saltillo Message Banking.

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