Why PRC?

At PRC, we believe everyone deserves a voice. For 50 years, PRC has been providing communication solutions to children and adults.

Choosing an AAC Device

There are many factors to consider when choosing an AAC communication device. Learning about features and benefits and determining which device is most appropriate can be overwhelming. You want to partner with a company that will support you during the selection, training and implementation process, and provide ongoing service and training. You want to partner with PRC, an employee-owned company with a focus on providing each and every device user with language for a lifetime.

Language Systems for Real Communication

We are committed to providing products that enable real communication. Our powerful Unity® language system supports language development and gives individuals the ability to go beyond simple commands and pre-programmed phrases, enabling them to express unique thoughts and ideas. Our Essence™ vocabulary is primarily a spelling-based progoram that is designed for literate adults who lose the ability to speak as the result of a stroke, brain injury or an adult degenerative disease, such as ALS.

Professional Field Staff

Our field staff of Regional Consultants consists of speech language pathologists, special educators, and rehabilitation technologists, all highly trained experts with years of experience in AAC product selection, training, and implementation. They are passionate about AAC and are dedicated to helping find the solution that is right for you.

Funding a Device

Funding a communication device can be a long and tedious process. At PRC, our Funding department is staffed with experienced knowledgeable professionals who are always current on state requirements for Medicaid and Medicare and private insurance. They will guide you through the funding process, whether you are purchasing, renting, or repairing a device. Prefer to apply for funding online? The PRC Funding Advocate is a robust, online resource and includes the Funding Submission Assistant, a report-writing tool and resource for families and referral sources seeking funding.

World-Class Service

As an employee-owned company, we are proud of our world-class service. We offer telephone and online support, making it possible to access assistance 24/7. If you have a technical question, contact our technical support department at (800) 262-1990. A robust online knowledge base and product tutorials are also available, right at your fingertips. Our standard one-year warranty on all PRC products is the best in the industry, and assures that you are purchasing a quality device.

Product Training

One- and two-day trainings are offered nationwide to help you get the most out of your PRC device. If you prefer, attend a ‘live’ e-training without ever leaving home. Unique to PRC, the AAC Language Lab provides lesson plans, training videos, and a wide array of other materials and teaching tools to support language development and help clinicians and families maximize an individual’s communication success.

Proud to Be Employee Owned

The employee owners of PRC welcome you. We are proud of the products and services we provide. We look forward to continuing to provide AAC solutions that fit every situation and provide language for a lifetime.

Our website provides a comprehensive overview of PRC and supports why we are the company to choose for all your AAC needs. You may also contact us at (800) 262-1984 or email info@prentrom.com.