How do I Use the System Lock in my Vantage Lite?

What is the System Lock?

The use of the System Lock is to prevent users from getting into the Toolbox and accidentally changing settings and programming information.  When System Lock is turned ON, this helps to prevent these changes from occurring.  Because this is not a fool proof method, we do recommend that you periodically save the vocabulary on the Vantage Lite to a flash drive just in case the System Lock gets turned Off and changes occur, causing memory to be lost.

The System Lock Menu is located in the Toolbox under Maintenance Menu.

If you select this option you will see the System Lock Settings menu which contains the System Lock On/Off option as well as some new options.

 This shows the Maint Menu and the System Lock Settings key.

Once in the System Lock Menu select ON to lock the system.

This is a picture of the System Lock Menu.

System Lock

When System Lock is ON you can still use your Core vocabulary to speak but the use of the ON/OFF, TOOLBOX and USER DEFINED KEYS (keys 1, 2 and 3) on the front of the case is severely limited.  Only certain menus in the Toolbox will work. For instance, if the system is locked and you select the TOOLS key on the front of the case, you will see a warning similar to this:

This shows the System Lock message to get back into tools.

If you press and hold the TOOLS key for 5 seconds you will activate the Toolbox. This allows you to use some of the Tools and some menus, but not all of them.  You can open the MAINTENANCE MENU, select the System Lock Settings option and turn System Lock OFF.  This puts your device back into normal use mode.  Now you can make your changes to the device, but remember to turn System Lock back ON when you are finished.

System Lock Password

Sometimes we come across those really smart cookies that are able to turn off your System Lock.  When this happens, you may want to set a PASSWORD instead of just turning System Lock ON. This means that in a locked system you cannot go from Core to the Toolbox without entering your password.

Turn System Lock Password ON. Create your password by selecting the Change System Lock Password option.  Spell a password and select OK.

Now when you are in your Core vocabulary and select the TOOLS key on the front of the case, you will see the yellow warning box: . If you hold the TOOLS key for 5 seconds, you will see your Spelling Page where you are asked to type in your password.  This will take you to the Toolbox where you can open the MAINTENANCE menu and turn System Lock OFF.


Total Lock of the Front Panel Keys

When the system is locked, some device users can become mesmerized by the repetitive action of pressing a front panel key and seeing the yellow warning box appear.

In the Vantage Lite, you can now completely lock all the keys on the front panel of the case. When you press them, they will do nothing. Their LEDs will not light and the yellow warning box that tells you the system is locked will not appear on the screen.

 This shows the System Lock turned ON.

To create a total lock on the front panel keys, first set the System Lock option to ON.  Then select Locked for the front panel keys that you want to lock in the middle column.


Unlocking the Front Panel Keys

As long as System Lock remains ON, any front panel keys you selected to lock will remain locked. However, you can unlock a front panel key.

Depending on what the front panel keys have been programmed to do, if you temporarily unlock one of the Usable Tools it will perform that tool for one activation, then it will return to being locked.  Examples of these Usable Tools would be the Choose Activity tool and Open/Close Notebook.

To Temporarily Unlock a Usable Tool:

On the back of the Vantage Lite there is an UNLOCK button. This is located on the lower right corner on the back of the Vantage Lite.

This shows the temporary unlock button on the back of the Vantage Lite.

While you press and hold the UNLOCK button, press the front panel key you want to temporarily unlock. The Usable Tool will perform its task.  Then lock again.

To Unlock a Non-Usable Tool:

On the back of the Vantage Lite, press and hold the UNLOCK button, press the front panel key you want to temporarily unlock if you see a Locked System warning box. Release both keys.  This means the Tool you have programmed un this key is a Non-Usable Tool and will not perform the task unless the System Lock is turned OFF.

To Unlock the TOOLS Key:

A locked This is a picture of the tools key.  TOOLS key works differently. This is the key that will allow you to go to the Toolbox. Press and hold the UNLOCK button on the back of the case and also press and hold the TOOLS button for 5 seconds. This unlocks the TOOLS button. You can now open the MAINTENANCE MENU, go to the System Lock Settings menu and turn System Lock OFF or change any of your User Define settings. 

Note: The UNLOCK button on the back may be raised enough to hold down using a finger or it may be recessed enough that requires you to press and hold the button down using a pen tip while holding down the Tools button on the front of the case.  We are aware this is very tricky, although this makes it difficult for most curious users to access.

Tools that are considered "Non-Usable" when System Lock is ON include:



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