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Anthony Arnold

I'm Anthony Arnold, an augmentative and alternative communicator from Grand Forks, North Dakota.

I recently upgraded to an ECO™2 from an ECO-14. I chose to go with an ECO2 primarily because I like the fact that it has more memory, which allows for faster computing. The ECO-14 was a wonderful communication device, but I always felt that I was missing out on something, the faster processing the better, especially in this day and age. Another benefit is the option of having built-in WiFi capabilities without needing anything externally sticking out. The WiFi capabilities are always on and ready to go, and I can access a network anywhere I might be.

I enjoy the new icons and skins now available on the ECO2. As an augmentative and alternative communicator, we don't want to be left out and if other devices have newer icons why shouldn't we. I give PRC a lot of credit for listening to this request!

Another feature I appreciate is the Bluetooth capabilities allowing for interfacing with a cell phone. I have advocated for cell phone features for years, and they're finally here! My family and friends enjoy knowing I have a cell phone I can access at all times.

For years, PRC has offered the best product warranty but now ECO2 comes with a two-year warranty. As a consumer, I feel a sense of comfort knowing that if anything goes wrong with my communication device during the first two years, it's covered.

PRC has done it again with another great communication device!

Anthony Arnold