SpringBoard Lite Self-Study Course

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Learning to communicate with a Springboard Lite™ for the very first time can be exciting. With SpringBoard Lite many students find a way to express thoughts, ideas, and requests. It’s a whole new beginning of expression. PRC is happy to provide this on-line course of short videos for you so that you can learn the basics about SpringBoard Lite. You will learn basic programming, but more importantly, the power of teaching and learning language. We hope that this device will be just a beginning in the journey toward freedom of expression for the individuals who talk with it.

There are five classes in this course, each one with a set of short videos. We encourage you to take the classes in order, and also to download the support materials and read them. The best way to take the course is to have your SpringBoard Lite or PASS software with you and try the examples as you go. Remember that you can pause the video any time to practice.

The SpringBoard Lite software version that we use in this course is 4.04. You can find updates for software at http://www.prentrom.com/support/springboard/downloads.

Product Training

Learn to operate and customize your device or app

Implementation Classes

Use and integrate your device in school or at home

On Demand Classes

Interactive self-study


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