ECO, Vantage Lite, and Vanguard Module 2

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This course covers ways to support core vocabulary and options for accessing fringe vocabulary that are specific to the classroom and other environments.

This course also provides “beyond the basics” training on programming ECO, Vantage Lite, or Vanguard. There are four classes, “Introduction,” “Activities,” “Pages,” and “Visual Scenes.” Each class has several short video lessons. You are encouraged to download the supplemental materials for Module 1 and read them before you begin, if you have not already. It’s also a good idea to have a device with you, or use the free PASS software on your computer to practice the examples.

The goal of this training is to help the participant:

  • Review basic programming from Module 1
  • Learn how to use and program activity rows
  • Learn how to find and program pages
  • Become familiar with visual scenes in PRC devices
  • Learn of the resources that are available to support device use

Product Training

Learn to operate and customize your device or app

Implementation Classes

Use and integrate your device in school or at home

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Interactive self-study


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