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The World of AAC

photo of someone calibrating eye gaze on an Accent device

AAC encompasses a wide range of nonverbal communication methods, from sign language and picture boards to mobile device apps and sophisticated, dedicated speech-generating devices (SGDs).

A major advantage of SGDs is that these devices allow an individual to say and play with words. By doing this, learners can acquire new words and language and the listener is able to understand exactly what is being expressed.

In addition, there is evidence that pairing the communicated word with voice output may help children with auditory processing of spoken language.

For those physically unable to use the touchscreen, SGDs offer flexible access options including:

Thus, even children with severe physical disabilities can operate a life-changing AAC device.

With the power of communication, many AAC users enjoy full and productive lives, communicating spontaneously wherever and whenever they want.

Languages and Language-building

For children who are learning language for the first time, it’s important to choose the right language, or learning method, that's right for them, based on:

As you child continues to learn and grow, there are additional opportunities available to expand his or her reach. Learn more about The AAC Language Lab and Realize Language.

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