AAC for Adults

Are you looking for a way to help an adult with a speech communication disability? Whether you’re a professional or family member, PRC is here to help you find the right solution.

Who Benefits from AAC?

Anyone who is unable to use natural speech to communicate may benefit from AAC, whether the condition is temporary or permanent. In addition to the expression of needs and wants, AAC can empower an individual to actively engage in social and family activities and voice their opinion on legal and medical matters. Caregivers and family members also benefit because the individual using AAC can interact more successfully, eliminating the need to anticipate their needs and wants.

Products Built For You

Individuals who need AAC have a wide range of disabilities and abilities. Our devices are designed to, meet individual communication challenges, even if the individual is unable to read, or cannot use his hands to select keys. Learn more about devices and accessories tailored for adults.

Let’s Talk Funding

There are several funding sources that pay for communication devices. The PRC Funding Department can help you navigate the process. Learn more about our Funding Department.

Learning, Training and Support Resources

There is a wide variety of beginning and advanced support available, including written materials, online support documents, and local, regional, and e-training. Learn more about available training and support for each PRC device. Visit the AAC Language Lab for teaching materials and resources organized by developmental language stages.

Getting Started

In order to select a device that is appropriate for each individual’s abilities and needs, it is helpful for the caregiver and family to work with AAC professionals. Minimally, the team should include a speech-language pathologist or AAC specialist. It is sometimes useful to include others, such as a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. Your PRC consultant can help you begin this process and determine what will be most appropriate and helpful.