Success Stories

Success Stories

PRC success stories profile individuals who communicate using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), parents of children who use AAC, and speech language pathologists, teachers and other professionals who work in the AAC field. Whether a device user, a parent, or a professional, each have their own great story to tell about the enabling power of successful communication.


  • AAC Learning Tools - and a Special Teacher - Help Students Overcome Communication Challenges

    AAC Learning Tools - and a Special Teacher - Help Students Overcome Communication Challenges

    Wooster, Ohio, August 17, 2015: It takes a special person to teach in a special education classroom and Sarah Williams is just such a person. After working in music therapy for several years, Sarah returned to school to earn a Master's in Special Education at Arizona State University.

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  • Sean Walker Aims High and Finds Success

    Sean Walker Aims High and Finds Success

      Wooster, Ohio, June 30, 2015: Sean Walker of Euclid, Ohio has set two goals for himself: Find full-time employment and qualify for the Paralympic Games. Given his successes in life to date despite the challenges of cerebral palsy, it’s a safe bet he will achieve his objectives.

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  • Kyleigh Kramlich Inspires and Teaches Others

    Kyleigh Kramlich Inspires and Teaches Others

      For twelve-year-old Kyleigh Kramlich, it was more than an honor to lead the flag ceremony for her Girl Scout troop and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and Girl Scout promise - these were personal accomplishments of a very unique kind.

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  • Destani


      Destani is a twelve-year-old who describes herself as sassy, smart, sweet, kind and a prankster. When she was six months old, she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. She is non-ambulatory and uses an AAC device to communicate.

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  • Makayla Stormer

    Makayla Stormer

    "40 for 40" Program - Where Are They Now? Makayla received her Vantage through the PRC “40 for 40” program during a celebration at the PRC headquarters in Wooster, Ohio.

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  • Graham Clarke, South Africa

    Graham Clarke, South Africa

    "40 for 40" Program - Where Are They Now? Graham received a Pathfinder through the PRC “40 for 40” program.

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  • Adam Assi

    Adam Assi

    "40 for 40" Program - Where Are They Now? Adam Assi received a Vantage through PRC’s “40 for 40” program. Adam will turn 11-years-old in the fall. When he first received his Vantage, he had no way to communicate other than through vocalizations and gesturing.

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  • Kim Vuong

    Kim Vuong

    My name is Kim Vuong and I am 36 years old. I was born in Vietnam with normal physical capabilities. I then had a high fever which caused me to have cerebral palsy. It was hard for me to speak to people or do public speaking. I grew up not liking to speak to people.

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  • Francis Evanich

    Francis Evanich

    "40 for 40" Program - Where Are They Now? Francis received a Vantage through the PRC "40 for 40" program. Francis turned twelve this year. She is becoming such an amazing teenager. She is speaking more and more every day.

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  • Jenell Gordon

    Jenell Gordon

    Well, I say to myself, I am definitely out of my comfort zone. Living in a long-term care facility as a quadriplegic, has become THE major challenge of my life! I openly confess that I am stronger and wiser and my faith in God has grown. Yet, it has been a long, hard road.

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  • Michael Wight

    Michael Wight

    In 2006, Michael Wight was in the care of his grandmother, Sue, along with his sister, Mackenzie. He was four years old and Mackenzie was just six. My husband was serving with the US Army in Afghanistan and I was working for Cornell University.

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  • Andrew Burgher

    Andrew Burgher

     Andrew Burgher passed away on January 24, 2015 at the age of 10. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andrew's family. His family invites you to learn more about Andrew at: Five-year-old Andrew Burgher is one of those shining examples.

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  • Ben Fieber

    Ben Fieber

    It’s been over ten years and I can tell you I remember how it began just like it was yesterday. I was 33 years old and 20 weeks pregnant.

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  • Schuyler


    by Robert Rummel-Hudson "Hi, my name is Schuyler." The first time I heard those words, my daughter was five years old. I had arrived to pick her up from her special education class at her school, and I found her waiting anxiously, peering at the door excitedly.

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  • Anthony Arnold

    Anthony Arnold

    I'm Anthony Arnold, an augmentative and alternative communicator from Grand Forks, North Dakota. I recently upgraded to an ECO™2 from an ECO-14. I chose to go with an ECO2 primarily because I like the fact that it has more memory, which allows for faster computing.

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  • Micah


    Karen Dibert, once again, expresses her appreciation for what PRC has done for her son, Micah. Read Karen's thank you letter below. To visit the Rocking Pony Blogspot, go to Dear Prentke Romich, I Love You Micah's Voice arrived today.

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  • Krista Howard

    Krista Howard

    Krista has been a PRC favorite for years! She is a PRC Ambassador, serving us at conferences, camps and other places where people want to see successful augmented communicators. Krista's first AAC device was a PRC Touch Talker when she was in the first grade.

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